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The Shoulder Guy

Do you constantly, repeatedly have sore shoulders, neck and arms? Does it get in the way of your work, study or leisure?

Does your regular massage therapist always put you face-down and just rub where it hurts – or do they investigate what your unique physiology is, and come up with a tailored treatment plan that treats the cause, not just the symptom?

I am a TOTAL geek, and I turn my geekery of the human body to your advantage. If you are seeking peak performance and pain-free living, then I can help.


Give me a call to find out if I will be a good fit for your needs.

I can treat you for—

  • Complicated shoulder pain
  • Nerve compression patterns / syndromes
  • Frozen shoulder or shoulder impingement
  • Tendinosis (a.k.a. tendonitis) resolution
  • Stress management and deep relaxation
  • Headache and migraine relief
  • Corrective stretches and exercises

Corrective exercises are customised to your level and condition, to support your independent return to wellness.

The most important part of any relationship is TRUST.

During treatments you deserve to be fully informed about what is happening with your own body, so I take the time to explain what I find, what I am doing and why.

You are ultimately in charge of your return to health – you are the “healer”, not me, because you are the one doing the healing! I am your guide in this process, providing you with expertise and technical ability. You call the shots.

If you are wondering if I will be a good fit for your needs, get in touch and we can find out.

Call (03) 9662 1311 to talk to reception,

Call 0415 740 244 to chat with me directly,

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7603593eebcee8205874d8d0c952a047petermac_logo_newOn Thursday mornings I volunteer at PeterMac Cancer Centre giving hand and foot massages to patients. Supporting my business supports this service to PeterMac and the community.

Donate directly to PeterMac’s cancer research program by clicking here.


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